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college countdown! | 19 days.

19 days.
until I start my new job in the Keeter Center, working in the kitchen. [just found that out today! yay!]
until I have my first roommate.
until I start a busy schedule, balancing work and school!


as i promised :)

These are all taken by Heather of Heather Cherie Photography. Her work is amazing. :) These are just a few of the many pictures she took over the weekend. I'm sure I will share more later; it was so hard to pick.


college countdown! | 20 days.

Oh yeah.
It's countdown time, people!
One of my favorite things to do...count down the days until a special event in my life. In this countdown I will be counting down the days until I move into college!

20 days.
until I get to use my new bedspread that I bought in the summer at Target.
until I get to move-in to my suite-style dorm room. (EEK!)
until I can start taking classes again. (call me crazy, but I actually ENJOY learning.)

PSSST: Today I will be sharing some pictures from Friday night with all of you of the most beautiful baby in the world. You won't want to miss it. <3
PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST: Make sure you check out this website. They have the most delicious recipes.


say hello to my baby niece

My precious niece was born Friday night at 11:53pm.

She is the most precious baby girl in the world. She has beautiful brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. When she looks in my eyes, it makes my heart melt. She is so alert and calm. Her sneezes are the cutest thing ever. I find it such a big deal when she makes noises and silly faces. I am so addicted and obsessed with this baby. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and just stared at her pictures on my phone for an hour. I couldn’t wait to hold her again today.

Becca started having contractions around 2am on Friday. Caleb and Becca went to the hospital, and were told to go back home. It wasn’t time yet. Later that day she started having contractions about 4 minutes apart. This worried them, for Selah wasn't due for another three weeks. They called the doctor, and she told them to go ahead and come into the hospital. Caleb packed up a bag, and they headed to the hospital. Becca was so strong through it all. She stayed positive the whole way, and I was so proud of my brother. He was so casual and calm, and eased Becca while she was in pain.

Later that night, at 11:53, as my family and the Amer girls huddled outside the door, we heard the cutest cry in the world. Selah Grace had finally made her appearance.

We all got a chance to hold her before we left the hospital on Friday night (it was actually Saturday morning!). We came back to visit with the three of them last night. After church this morning we went to the hospital to visit with them a little bit more before they packed everything up to go home.

While holding her today, she fell asleep on me. I’ve never felt so much love. <3

Our friend Heather Amer was there on Friday night. She is a photographer and took many beautiful pictures, so be watching for those soon. :) My Facebook is flooded with status updates, wall posts, and pictures of this precious little baby. Don’t expect any of that to change any time soon.

Be sure to visit Becca’s blog or Caleb’s blog for future updates on baby Selah Grace. We are all so happy and excited that she is finally here. :)