valentines day recap

This Valentines Day just so happened to be my first REAL Valentines Day. I've never had an actual Valentine before, so this year was quite special to me. I've been with Benjamin now for a year, and it was great to spend the day with someone that I truly treasure and adore. He surprised me at my dorm when I was finished with class. This is what I walked in to...

He made me heart-shaped brownies, bought me a cuddly teady bear, gave me my first bouqet of flowers (roses + daisies!!), made me a cute Valentines Day card, and gave me a large heart-shaped box of chocolates. To top it off, he took me to the restaurant where we had our first date: Cantina Loredo. :)

What a sweetheart. :)

How was your Valentines Day?


secrets secrets...

You know that thing that you know you should not eat, but you eat it anyways because it tastes just too incredibly delicious to pass up? Well, we all my have a few of these, but I definitely have one that stands out from the rest.

Ladies and Gents, let me do the honor of introducing you to my guilty pleasure...


I would proudly consume a hundred and one of these bad boys if I could. It will most definitely be my final meal. I shall die going into a breakfast burrito coma...and I am quite alright with that. :)

What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?


fun + free date idea

My lovely boyfriend and I had a great adventure last weekend. We decided to go on a little scavenger hunt at the Branson Landing (an outdoor mall here in the wonderful town of Branson)! The night before we made a list for each other, then the day of the hunt we revealed the lists to one another. Benjamin had some interesting things on the list for me...including planking, yelling "I love you, Benjamin Aron Alve-Smith!" at the top of my lungs in front of everybody, owling, and offending strangers. Sounds like a great time, right? Well, it was! Here are some pictures from the day...

Before the scavenger hunt

Benjamin HATES Toms...so it was a real treat to see him try on a pair. ;)

Chewbacca was hiding out in Hot Topic...in bobble head form. :P

It took him SO long to find "California"! When he finally did find it, he was SO excited!

One of my to-do's was to steal a spoon from Orange Leaf.

I guess "owling" is the new "planking"?? I didn't even know about it until recently! Interesting concept...

Of course, Benjamin just had to put "planking" on my scavenger hunt list...

After the hunt...as you can see, we're both still happy with each other! ;)

We had such a fun time doing some crazy things! The best part is...we didn't spend a dime, but rather spent TIME together! :) I hope all of you had a great weekend!


my day...

is filled with peanut M&M's, note-taking, scanning, working out, eating, researching, running around...oh and breathing. (which could easily get forgotten!)

tonight is filled with my boyfriend, jersey shore, yummy food, cuddling, and relaxation. 

all i have to do is get through one more class. 


happy thursday! what's your day filled with?


diy | nail art

My roommate and best friend Emily is an art major and nail technician. I would say those two talents go hand-in-hand. On Wednesday she so sweetly did my nails. Thank you, Emily! 

I would like to share with you how she did them so that you can try them out for yourself!

supplies needed: three different colors of nail polish, clear top coat, thin nail polish brush or thin paint brush

1. apply your lightest color to all your nails, covering the entire nail. this color will end up being the middle segment of your nails. (i started with the silver). let your nails dry.
2. using your thin brush and another color of polish, start with the back segment by creating a wide "V" towards the back of the nail. fill in the section between the "V" and the back of your nail.
3. clean your thin brush.
4. using your thin brush and your third color, create another wide "V" towards the tip of your nail. fill in this segment between the "V" and the tip of your nail. let nails dry.
5. apply a top coat of clear nail polish to keep your nails from chipping.
(this tutorial is written assuming you were to do your nails yourself, laying your hand flat with fingers pointing away from you; if having someone else do your nails for you, create the "V"s upside down.)

that's it! enjoy your nails, and happy painting! :)