I’ve always wanted to travel. Go some place away from everyone and everything. Our society is mistaken and immune to everything. We don’t appreciate things like other countries may. I want to go someplace where they have little; where their blessings are noticed. I want to see the hurting faces and give them smiles. I want to feed their famished bodies. I want to learn about their cultures and discover their different ways of thinking. I want to breathe their air and see their land.

I want to leave all of this madness. The terror of this country has overwhelmed me. Where are we going with all of this? Where am I supposed to be taken? Why are the minds of the younger generation being taught things that are senseless- the National Anthem being changed, evolution being taught in schools as a fact, homosexual marriage being passed as a law. What ever happened to the rules that our forefathers established this country on?

This is why I want to get away. Our hope is lost. The meaning of love is blurred. I want to go someplace where they embrace hope and love.

I want to disappear.

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