It was February 14th. I was in the eighth grade. It was our yearly Valentine’s dance. This year, though, was quite different for me. I had been nominated for ‘Queen’ and was up against two of the most popular girls in my grade. I had never been nominated for anything of that sort in my entire life and I was ecstatic beyond belief.

I had on my dress, my hair was fixed, my make-up was on, and I had arrived at the school. I was ready for the night. I was so nervous, yet I felt so confident. They announced the nominees to come to the front of the gym. After a long awaited anticipation they announced that I had become ‘Queen’ of that year’s Valentine’s dance. I was so happy. The rest of the night I was on top of the world.

Why is it that before I was nominated for ‘Queen’, I had issues with my body image? And why is it that after, and still today, I have issues with my body image? I never really understood why that night being insecure of my body was the furthest thing from my mind, yet a day later I was back to my normal insecure-self again.

Why is it that we seek out compliments and assurances from people that we look okay? Or that we are pretty? Why should other's views of us shape what we think of ourselves? I constantly feel like I have to seek affirmation from other people that I look okay so that I don’t have insecure feelings.

We shouldn’t form our outlook of ourselves based upon others’ observations of our bodies. We should be focusing on what God, the one person who really knows how we look, thinks and not what others think, when they’ve been ambushed by the world’s viewpoint on what the word 'pretty' means.

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