A True Friend.

1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
2. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter.

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I've been going through some unnecessary drama lately [isn't all drama unnecessary? ugh] and I've learned to lean not only on God, but on someone else who is close to me during this time of enclosure and darkness. I really feel like my life has been... well, darkened this past week. I've felt not myself... and if you have been reading my past entries, you might notice that.

[[I remember when I was in 5th grade. I was best friends with a girl named Kasha. We did everything together: school talent show, slumber parties, played together during recess [my life was BIG in 5th grade haha]. I remember discussing with her how things would be changing when we went to middle school together. What a difference we thought it was going to be... and we ended up being right. We discussed getting lockers side-by-side, trying to get our class schedules in sync, and riding the bus home to each other's houses after school on Fridays. I thought this was going to be the most amazing change in my life yet. I was terribly wrong.

The first day of 6th grade was when I realized that I had lost Kasha. She had new friends... a new clique. She ignored me the whole day. She continued to ignore me that week, and sadly, she ignored me until my sophomore year in high school. We drifted apart, and ever since that loss of friendship I've always assumed that every friend that I allow to get close to me will eventually walk a different path out of my life. I've been right. Throughout junior high I became close to many friends, who of which became 'druggies' in high school. I lost them. In high school I became close with another girl, who ended up moving away.]]

I've always seen friendship as something... temporary. Not permanent.That was until I read the definition of what a FRIEND really is. Did you catch the definition? Did you see it? The key word here is ATTACHED. ATTACHED. What is the definition of attached?

1. joined; connected; bound.

The girl I would consider to be my best friend right now, will always be my best friend. I know it. We are joined... connected... bound. Just like friends should be. I realize now why this friendship is different, why it's so genuine.

[[I allowed God to bring us together.]]

When I transitioned from public school to homeschool, I had to let God become in control of my relationships, because I no longer had any. I allowed God to step in and bring me someone perfect to be there for me when times got/get tough. This week has been the roughest week for me. I've been emotionally drained. I've been emotionally attacked. I've been emotionally dead. God used Cristianne Bryant in my life, and still is using her, to bring me back to who I really am. She brings out the best in me, not the worse. I love her so much, and I thank God for bringing me someone so amazing. He knows me best and I thank Him for that.

[[Thank you, Jesus, for bringing me such an amazing gift. I don't know where I would be without her and I am so thankful to have a friendship that I know is TRULY GENUINE. Thank you for allowing me to lean on you during these times that I feel alone, and showing me that I'm not alone in my troubles. And thank you again, for allowing Cristianne to be in my life to smack me across the face when I need it. :) ]]

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