Friendship Is A Sheltering Tree

image: Sillhouette of the Tree by capsicum

Friendship is a sheltering tree
Defending life from adversity.
She holds us together
When the winds arrive strong,
And shields us from rain
When the storms come along.

The seasons may come and go
And beat with sleet or snow,
But the tree is guarding
With her branches in mid air,
Ready to envelope us, for her
Protection is always there.

She blossoms and blooms
And releases pleasant fumes.
Her veins tunnel deep into
The wholesome earth’s clay
And can withstand the beating
And thrashing on any given day.

I have discovered about this tree
That she is what covers you and me.
I can so proudly declare
That I completely agree
That this friendship between us
Is a sheltering tree.

[[written by: Koree Dickson]]