Holiday Gift Ideas.

I ran across this article called Top Ten Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend. I thought I would share it with you guys, and give you some ideas for this holiday season. :)

A photo calendar is a great gift idea because your best friend will be able to enjoy it all year long. Gather up 12 or 18 of your favorite pictures with your best friend and head on over to Kinko's, or Kinkos.com and for only $19.99 they will make you this personalized calendar. You can add important dates, and choose from 4 different styles. You can also pick whether you want a 12 month calendar or an 18 month calendar. This gift is cheap, unique, and your best friend will love it!

2) MIX CDMix CDs are great because they are cheap and your best friend will be able to keep it forever! Sure a "mix tape" sounds a lot more original but not many people even have a tape player these days. With a mix CD you can put songs that you and your best friend have loved over the years and listen to it everywhere you go. Your best friend will love the time and thought you put into making it and both of you will be able to enjoy it.

Scrapbooks are becoming more and more popular these days. They are a fun way to make the gift for your best friend as personalized as possible, and it'll be fun for you as well! The best place to purchase a scrapbook is at Michael's, and they have all of the accessories for it as well. You could start the first few pages for her with your favorite pictures, and then let her fill up the rest. Scrapbooks are really fun to make and you could even make the pages together so both of you can have some fun!

If you go to
amazon.com you will be able to find this cute little book called "The Best Friends Book." It's written like a little kid's book but it has some silly little descriptions on what it means to be a best friend. For example, one page says a best friend "will tell you funny jokes even if you blow milk out of your nose when you laugh." As simple as it is, this book will mean a lot to your best friend and it's funny as well! At around $5.00 this gift is definitely worth every penny.

Handmade gifts are always the best because it shows that you put your time, thought, and effort into making something special. You could knit a scarf, paint a picture, make a necklace, make a purse out of some old jeans, basically anything you can think of your best friend will love just for the simple fact that you made it. Michael's craft store has hundreds of project ideas so you don't have to worry about not being able to think of something to make. Hand making a gift is also a great idea because you can spend as much or as little money as you want on it, and have fun while making it!

Does your best friend have a favorite hobby? Whether its sewing, dancing or collecting treasure trolls, your best friend will be thrilled to see that you cared about her hobby while putting your own personal touch on the item when picking it out. If it is her hobby, that means she can never get enough of it, so getting her a gift that will fit right in with what she loves is a great idea to ensure she will like what you got her.

Anything from Bath and Body Works makes a great gift because usually everything in the store is a little too on the expensive side for people to just buy for themselves. You can even get a beautiful gift basket with everything in a scent that your best friend loves. There are lotions, bath gel, body spray, perfumes, shampoo, conditioner, the possibilities of items to pick from are endless. And every scent smells so good you can't go wrong!

A gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure or both is a wonderful gift idea because there is not one girl in the entire world who wouldn't love it. You could get one for yourself as well and make a day out of going together with your best friend. Manicures and pedicures are so relaxing you will be happy you picked such a great gift, and your feet and hands will look great afterwards as well!

Does your best friend love music? If so, concert tickets make a great gift idea because you will get to spend time with your best friend while doing something you both love. If music isn't really her "thing," tickets to an amusement park, art gallery, zoo, movie, or anywhere else she likes to go would make a great gift, and the fact that she doesn't have to pay for it just makes it even better.

If none of these ideas seem like something your best friend would go for, just think of what you would love for her to get you. Because you are best friends, you more than likely see eye to eye on many things such as what you would like to receive as a gift. Also if you get her something that you like as well, you will both be able to enjoy it!

Also, Etsy.com has some really cute handmade gifts. I know some of you can make these yourself. They would make great gifts!

Snow Swallows - pair of bobby pins
Two cute little vintage 1960s swallows to wear in your hair.
Swallows (or sparrows) measure approx. 1 1/8" x 1 1/8" and are securely attached to 2" silver tone bobby pins. These will come to you in a pretty box ready for gift giving.

The Leading Lady - Peacock Headband
Great as your basic accessory for any time of the year.
Headband is covered in fine-quality black satin and lined with faux suede. Band itself is half-inch wide. Traditional ear-to-ear style.
*Each feather is trimmed and placed by hand. Not pre-made pad. Due to natural variations in every feather, there will be some special differences with each headband.
Set of Four Beautiful Stitched Clips
You will get all Four clips with a high quality of Rhinestones.
Easy fit for any outfit simple and beautiful.
♥Avy’s Boutique clips are made with high quality boutique ribbon and attached to a partially lined alligator clip
♥ All hair bows and clippies are mounted on a boutique hair bow card.
♥ All ends are sealed and bows are treated to maintain shape.
♥ I Custom made to order so please allow 48 hours turn around time before item ships.

The Haley fabric flower hair clip is perfect in yours and your child's hair, as well as being a great lapel pin for your blouse or coat. Made from fabric and a hand picked vintage button, each 3 inch flower is unique.
Each flower is securely attached to an alligator clip and a lapel pin.

This beautiful coffee/tea cuff can be adjusted to fit your coffee/tea cup. The elastic band & button allow you to fit this cuff to nearly any 12, 14 or 16 ounce coffee/tea cup. They also can be rolled up & the elastic band wrapped around to fit in nearly any handbag or pocket! All coffee/tea sleeves are lined with insulation--Insul Bright--keeping your drink warm & your fingers cool.

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