one down. eleven to go.

If you have a Facebook, it's really fun to scroll through the pictures from a long time ago on your profile. I like to go to my profile pictures album and see what I set as my profile picture a long time ago. Some of them I can't believe I set. Ha. It's funny how the times have changed.

[first profile pic]

As I scroll through the pictures from years ago it almost makes me sick seeing myself. I am so glad where I am now. It's fun to look back, but not when the memories or pictures make my cheeks turn red. This is why I love pictures. Memories I would normally be able to not recall on a normal daily basis, I can now because I have a picture from it.

It really weirds me out the lack of pictures I've taken this month. You see my previous month's albums like October's with 115 pictures. Or September's with 99. But you look at January's and you only see 17. I feel like this month has been really slow, yet it has gone by so fast. 2010 didn't start off that exciting.

1 down, 11 to go.

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][Marie][ said...

well we should get together soon and take some pictures to make that picture count go up! ;]