Oh, O Nine.

Here's my breakdown of this past year:

Pittsburgh. I enjoyed the nice Pennsylvania air when I arrived in Pittsburgh for my first Bible Quiz tournament of the year. This was the start of many more amazing trips and memories to follow. My three favorite girls (Whitney, Danielle and Natalie) and I, along with a van full of too many boys, drove to Pittsburgh for the Friendship Tournament. This is where I fell in love with Mr. Holland (inside joke, of course).

Colorado Trip. As a "reward" trip, my coach, Mrs. Beverly, took us girls to Colorado. We went skiing in Loveland, shopping at Colorado Mills, and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. This memory is one of my favorite memories of '09. I will forever remember this trip, and how generous it was for Beverly and Dawn to take us four annoying girls all the way to Colorado.

Senior Pics. I got my senior pictures taken by JDouglas Photography. She did such a great job, and I enjoyed it so much. To see her work, click here.

Graduation. A lot happened for me in April. It was a loaded month. I graduated a year early. :) So excited! For those of you who don't know, I went to public school my entire life, then was homeschooled for one final year before I graduated. I wasn't really involved in all that homeschool had to offer because I wasn't aware of all they have available. They have more sports teams than my public school did. They have dances and extra activities that I wish I would've been involved in. But, it was my choice to spend only one year homeschooling. Thank you, family, for helping me through this year. You have molded me into the person God created me to be.

First Bank Account. Following my graduation, I opened my first bank account with Great Southern. This made me feel 10 years older than I was, as well as going into debt for the first time did. A couple months after opening the account, I went $170.00 backwards in my account. You live. You learn. To learn more about me going in debt, click here

Camp. I had so much fun being on the Yellow Team for Summer Camp '09. I didn't get as muddy as usual, but it was just as much fun. Camp is always a high week for me. I love being able to throw my hair up with little or no make-up on and get down in the dirt. :) One of my favorite parts of camp, every year, that never gets old, is being able to cover my body head-to-toe in paint. One year it was green, another year it was white, and this year was yellow. Also, during the night we have the "hunt", I covered myself in black paint from head-to-toe. This was so much fun, and this is also where I met two of my friends that I have now: Andrea and Jared.

Jared is my first best guy-friend. He's like a brother to me. We "fix" eachother when something is wrong. I love my Jawed! :) Then we have Miss. Pookie Bear. :) I gave her that nickname during camp because I kept saying her name wrong. She is so much fun. I loved tie-dying with her, and getting in trouble for staying up late. We don't hang out, though, as much as we should. :)

Lake House. I had so much fun preparing for nationals with my favorite people. I had spent all year with these two teams, so it makes sense to spend one more week together before our final week that we had been building to for months. We spent a whole week at our coach's lake house in Branson. Right on the water we sat, staring out at the water ripples as we quoted half of the book of Mark everyday, along with a lot of other reviewing of a variety of material.

Nationals. What to say about nationals... SO much happened at Nationals. This is also one of my favorite memories of '09. Along with quizzing against the best teams in the nation, I was able to meet new friends and builed memories with the ones I already had. We went to a museum in downtown St. Louis. We played Apples to Apples too many times. We quoted the book of Mark everyday. I got to get all dolled-up for the final banquet. :) I hung out with four halarious guys that I'm so glad I got to meet... Roysan, Shola, Obi, and Josh. Even though they live all the way in Texas, I talk to them every week. They make me laugh. :)
First job. I started my first job as a Lab Monitor within the IT department at OTC. I love this job. :) And being able to work part-time opened up a door for me to help out with Bible Quiz this year.

Bible Quiz. I lead a team in Novice of four adorable girls. I couldn't have asked for a better team. I am so thankful to be a part of their journey this year. Everytime I see them walk in the door with their smiles on their faces, it makes me so excited to be a coach.

Tie-Dye. Me and a few friends, Ashley and Andrea, tie-dyed over a hundred shirts for Speed the Light. We raised around $480. I was so excited to be a part of something so big for the kingdom of God.

Landing. August is the month of my one of my best friend's birthday. We went and hung out at the Landing in Branson. We got chased by "balloon" boys, tried on pants that were 10 sizes too big, and flirted with a clown. I loved this night.

Kristen's 18th. September is also a birthday month for one of my best friends. Kristen. It was her 18th birthday and I suprised her with a low-key party consisting of her two favorite people: Me and Taylor. I faked a lie the weeks prior and made her think I was blowing her off for her birthday. I can't believe she would fall for such a lie... :) We hung out at her place and watched Billy Madison. :)

Alot of little random things happened in October. I dressed up as a 1950's firefighter and won 2nd in the costume contest at work. I had to bid a farewell to the Wiles, a family we had grown close with this past year. I bought a Hong Kong Inn shirt. I attended the Designed for Life women's rally at church. I hung out with my bestie and saw Zombieland at Springfield 8. To hear more about this adventure, click here. This was a loaded month for me.

Homecoming. I went to homecoming with Cristianne (one of my besties). I felt kind of weird going after I graduated, but I had so much fun that I didn't even care. I was able to meet so many new people that were homeschooled that I wish I had met earlier. It was such a high night of dancing and exhaustion. Ha. :)

Broncos. I went to my first NFL game with my family on the 6th. We saw the Broncos beat the Chiefs to the ground. It was freezing, but it was definitley a memory that I will forever hold on to.

If you made it all the way to the end, THANK YOU! I know this is a lot to read, but it's more for me than it is for you. It helps me see all those people who made an impact on my life. The people I mentioned are all people who have helped shaped me into who I am now. For those who I didn't mention above, I still want to say thank you. You also helped shaped me. Those people are...

 Rachel Kruse [us bowling]

Beverly Porter [at Nationals]

Darren & Amber Furr, Nathan & Robin Johnston [at graduation]
Braeswood Team... Roysan, Shola, Emeka, Josh, Unwana, Obi, Rojan, and Ose [at Nationals]
Kristen Dodd & Taylor Jenkins [at Kristen's 18th]
Tiffany Ahlswede (my favorite date friend) [chilling at church]
Becca Hodge [at DFL]
Kia Lett [being silly, taking pictures outside]
Ashley Bunch [waiting to eat at Olive Garden]
Elayni Craig [watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days while eating smores]
Tim Ruhter [us bowling]

Nathan & Robin Johnston, Josh Fencl, & Josh Murphy [at ILA]

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