Here is a conversation me and my brother, Caleb,
are currently having over text messaging.
I hope it brings you a laugh. :)

(Talking about my birthday party, which is on the 20th of February.)
Caleb: Oh ok... we can work all the details out when it gets closer. :)
Koree: Mmkay, well it's this weekend.
Caleb: Thought you were doing it the 20th?
Koree: I am.
Caleb: ...today's the 1st though.
Koree: Mmhmm, it is.
Caleb: You said it was this weekend though... you're crazy.
Koree: It is this weekend.
Caleb: You're so confusing. This weekend is the 6th and 7th.
Koree: But my birthday party is on the 20th.
Caleb: Yes I know... so what's this weekend?
Koree: My birthday party.
Caleb: Are you messing with me? Your birthday party is the 20th and this weekend is the 6th and 7th... so how is it this weekend?
Koree: Because my birthday party is on the 20th.
Caleb: I know but you said it was this weekend...
Koree: It is this weekend.


LenkaLovee said...

lol. :)

Celeste said...

hahaha i would be confused if i was your brother as well :)

Grace said...

Happy Birthday, in advance!

You and your brother are SO cute, by the way.
What a goodlookin' family.

<3 Grace.

Allison said...

Oh my goodness- SO confusing. :D

nicole addison said...

sounds like something i'd do to my brother:)