I'm flawed therefore I AM. My flaws are rad. Embrace your flaws because that's what makes you unique and that is truly beautiful. I'm only as flawed as I choose to believe. My crazy hair makes me unique. My body is beautiful no matter what the magazines say. Imperfection is beauty. My flaws are flawless. The color of my skin is flawless. I am beautiful. I refuse to hate my flaws.  I love my flawz. Flawed. My flaws make me unique and special. My flaws are me. 1 of a kind. Bold. Beautiful. Body. My body is flawless. Wisdom is beauty. I wasn't aware I had any flaws. I accept that this is as tan as I'll get. Being a nerd pays off. Love your flawz. Love your body. Embrace your flawz. My flawz make me ME. Contently flawed. Flawed but loved. I am 1 of a kind. Beautifully flawed. My flaws made make me stronger. Ferociously flawed. My flaws are fierce. I like my flawz...they make me ME. Uniquely U. Flaws=TRUE BEAUTY. Everybody's weird. Uniquelly and wonderfully flawed. My flaws will never stop my dreams. Perfection is boring. I am not a size 0 or a size 2 or even a 4 or a 6 and that's ok. Be different.


LenkaLovee said...

this is a lovely post.
and an amazing mantra for any female, of any age! :)

Elise said...

this is a great post! thank you!

Also, what number feathered accessory are you interested in?