day quatro | favorite book

favorite book.
the giving tree
by shel silverstein
I. Love. This. Book. I've always loved it. I'm pretty sure it was the first book I fell in love with as a little girl. Yes, most of my posts have stated that I "loved this as a little girl", but I don't care. I guess I stick onto things more easily than others do. If you've never read it, you should. It's so cute, and it's sure to make you cry. I think of the tree like some people (including me sometimes) view God. He gives and gives and gives, and gets nothing in return. Sometimes we don't figure that out until it's too late. God is a giving God. He gives us what we need, even if we aren't thankful. I hope this makes you recognize that God deserves to be thanked. Wouldn't you, if you gave that much? It's necessary to be thankful to God. Don't just pray when you are in need, don't just pray when you are in want, but pray just for the soul purpose of thanking Him for all that He does for you and for us, His children.
Take some time to head up to Barnes & Noble. This is a short book, so it won't take you much time. I guarantee, though, you will hold onto the message your entire life.

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