adventure day no. 1

Yesterday was an adventure day for me. I LOVE ADVENTURE DAYS. Where you and a friend just drive somewhere, not really knowing where you're headed. Let me tell you a little about my day yesterday...

[adventure day]

First stop: Sonic

Second stop: Silver Dollar City
Yesterday was the opening day for Silver Dollar City for this season. So, it was really really busy. We only rode two rides. The lines were RIDICULOUS. Ech. So, instead of standing in lines, we decided to just walk around a little...

Then, we decided to leave. Lines were too long, and it was starting to get a little cold.

Guess what movie we saw?

It was creepy at times. A little too much confusion for me. It had too many twists. I had a headache when I walked out of there. It had some unecessary comments. (bad writing) The editing was a little weird; I don't know if some parts were edited weird for a reason unknown to me, or if the editing just sucked. Either way, I wasn't following some of the stories. It was one of those movies where I wanted to click pause and verbalize what just happened. But, overall...pretty interesting movie.

Fourth stop: $1 Store
So, in Branson there's a lot of little weird shops. There's this store called "$1 Store". Original, right? Well, I actually found some stuff for my craft date with Becca (blog), so that was cool!

^^Kristen's parking job^^

Fifth stop: Wal-Mart
Hmm...what to say...We saw a couple displaying their 'affection' in the craft section. Ew. Yeah, pretty much it!

Oh, and in between each stop, we had our "singing/dancing-in-car" fun. She has this certain CD we listen to everytime we're in her car. It has these songs on it:

Oh yeah, SHOOT! Quoting Tina Tracy never gets old...


Josiah North said...

I really liked shutter island

Tiffany Ahlswede said...

I hated shutter island. It was soooooooooo boring for the first like 2-ish hours and then the last 20mins were good, but ya, waste of money and sorta creepy during the kids and wife parts...ew. Anyways looks like you had an awesome day! We need our dates sooon I need some korree loving in my life!