adventure day no. 2

Yo, yo. What's up? I had another adventure day with my friend Becca today. It was very adventure-filled. :)

First we headed to Los Portales after church at James River Assembly. GREAT food.
Then, we headed to JoAnn Fabrics and picked up a lot of stuff for our craft-date. We picked up patterned fabric, colorful felt, sewing needles, beads, and feathers.
Next stop was Target. Here, we picked up some headbands.
My favorite stop of the day comes next...Evangel University. Becca had to drop off some bins she borrowed from her friend. (Keep in mind that here in Missouri, it was raining ice all day...) As we exited Evangel, we realized that Becca had locked her keys in her car. She has never done this before. We had to call security to come "break-in" to her car so that we could get back in. It's funny now, although it wasn't funny at the time.
After this, we picked up some gas and headed to Becca's apartment to make some headbands.

The headbands are posted here. If you are interested in buying one, send me an email at garizzalee_bear@yahoo.com. Send me your name, address, and the name of the headband you want and I will mail it to you. Each headband is $8. These are all handmade by Becca and I. She made all the ones with feather, felt, and buttons. The ones that I made are the fabric ones on thicker headbands with a button in the middle.

Then we headed to Little Ceaser's, picked up a few pizzas, then headed back to my place where we watched 500 Days of Summer. :)

Great day!!


美麗 said...

Learning makes a good man better and ill man worse...................................................

becca. said...

I love our headbands that are CUTE. Cah-yu-tah.

I love adventure days.

I love hanging out with my favorite.

I love pizza.

I love 500 days of summer.

I love driving.

I hate locking my keys in my car. but I love laughing about it later.

This was a fun day.