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30-Day Blogging Challenge | Day Doce
whatever tickles your fancy.

Ok, so I'm just going to ramble on about a bunch of little things, if you don't mind...

  • I'm ordering my laptop this next week. SO exciting! XD
  • I rented three movies, which I'm super stoked to see: 500 Days of Summer, Ninja Assassin, and Precious.
  • Tomorrow is Becca and I's CRAFT DATE. Heck to the yes! I'm sure you will have an update about it on Monday. Be looking out for pictures, because we will be selling our crafts. :)
  • I filled out some more information for College of the Ozarks yesterday. Exciiiiiiting. :D
  • My Spring Break is this coming week! AH! SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP.
  • Something funny you should know is I'm actually writing this tonight, which would really be last night by now. (At this moment, it is Friday. I am scheduling this to post tomorrow, which will be Saturday.) So, this post is a little weird for me to write. Hahah. Ok... next point...
  • I downloaded some Lykke Li. She's amazing. Her voice is so...different. Check her out, if you haven't heard her stuff. Especially listen to Time Flies. YES.
Ok, so I feel like I've rambled on enough now...I love these little fancy tickler days!
Have a great Saturday, ya'll!

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