day nueve | self-taken photo

30-Day Blogging Challenge | Day Nueve
a photo you took.

Ok, so I'm finding this extremely difficult. See, I'm more into videography than I am into photography. At this moment, I am STILL looking for a picture...hmmm...Ok, so I've been looking for about 15 minutes. This is ridiculous. No where in the rules does it say that it has to be a "professional-looking" picture that I took. So, I'm just picking a random picture that I took years ago...

Ok, here it is! (I know it looks like he's flipping off the camera, but I swear it's a peace sign...I just accidentally didn't get the other finger in.)
My friend Chase and I.
This boy...wow...I had a MAJOR crush on this boy in jr high. I'm talking MAJOR. I literally blew up a picture of him, printed it off, and slid it in the front of my binder. I was what you'd call...obsessed. Every dance that came around, you could expect me to ask him. And I did. I actually thought of clever little ways to ask him. I was pretty proud of myself. But, I wasn't so much proud when he would reject me EVERY SINGLE time. Oh well. Ha. In high school he actually apologized for rejecting me so much, and being so hard on me. We became pretty good friends in high school. He was really nice. We had homeroom together. I still remember trying to impress him, all the way up to high school. He's a nice kid. :) This makes me miss high school...goofing off in Bio, making fun of Mrs. Farmer...good times, good times...

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