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30-Day Blogging Challenge | Day Once
a photo of you taken recently.

Me & Charly
This photo was taken yesterday, fifteen minutes after he had busted out of the town prison. Ha. There's this place called Silver Dollar City here in Missouri. It's a theme park located in Branson. If you ever get the chance to go, GO! It's a lot of fun. :) I have a friend who works there, so we go all the time for free. (It pays to have kickin-cool friends.) Yesterday was the first day it had opened all season, so it was quite busy! I went with Kristen. She's one of my best friends. :D To read more about our fun adventure, click here.
PS: shhh don't tell, these are my brother's sunglasses!! hehee!

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becca. said...

They look better on you ;) Shhhh