day veinte | hobby

30-Day Blogging Challenge | Day veinte
a hobby of yours.

Well, I may have already blogged about this once or twice...but Becca and I have recently started making headbands and hair clips to sell. :) It's all for the college fund, people! I found that felt and feather headbands and clips are becoming more and more popular, so I jumped right on this opportunity to try it myself! If you make crafty stuff like this, I would love to see it because I know that I'm not the only one in this world that makes them (and neither are you!) So, I shall stop the blah blah blah and get you right to today's link...

Check it out! Let me know which one you like, and if you're interested in buying any! :)


LenkaLovee said...

Like i said on twitter!
fabulous idea ;)
can't wait to see your etsy shop and all your fabulous designs!
good luck! :)

Elise said...

sounds familiar. ; ] wonder where you got the idea? haha love ya girl.

Miss Koree said...

elise, i wonder where you got YOUR idea? because you know you're not the first person to put feathers, buttons and felt on a clip. just saying. google feather clips.