fill in the blank friday.

It's Friday again! This means time for another Fill In The Blank Friday brought to you by Lauren over at the little things we do. Join in. :)


1. The best day ever was probably when I went to Colorado and went skiing at Loveland. Read more about that trip here. At this moment, that's where I want to be. (Besides, Retreat of course.)
2. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. (Well, today it is) because I ate breakfast burritos from McDonald's. Mmmmm. :)
3. This weekend is going to be OFF. DA. CHIZZAIN. Retreat is this weekend. You will have a post on Monday about it, so be looking out. :)
4. Never in my life have I got a brain-freeze. Maybe it's because I don't eat ice-cream!
5. The only thing better than drawing the card "John Travolta" in Apples to Apples is drawing the card "sexy" right after. (this happened to me last night heehee)
6. I could really do with some more breakfast burritos from McDonald's.
7. The most recent thing I bought myself was breakfast burritos from McDonald's. (As you can tell, I really really really like breakfast burritos from McDonald's.)

Have a good grrrrrrrreat weekend!
I know I will!

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Whitney said...

Apples to Apples is WAY too much fun!

Have a wonderful weekend :)