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30 Day Blogging Challenge | Day Veinticinco
your day, in great detail

Well, this is a perfect day to do this post for. :)
I'm going to copy Becca's format on this one...

  • Tried to sleep in, but only made it to 7.20am
  • Involuntarily updated my Twitter (@misskoree)
  • Strolled into the bathroom where I peed, brushed my teeth, and stared at my beautiful (NOT!) face
  • Joined my father in the living room, where we watched Saturday morning TV shows
  • Ate breakfast, which consisted of a breakfast burrito and orange juice
  • Made my way to the shower
  • Blow-dryed, straightened, and complained about my hair
  • Slapped on some make-up, although it didn't help
  • Somewhere in there, I got dressed
  • Hopped in the car and headed to Los Portales
  • Listened to Lady GaGa on the way
  • Arrived at Los Portales, where I ate lunch with Becca
  • Ordered a #7 off the Lunch Menu and talked Becca through on how to tell the waitress you recieved the wrong order (then felt stupid when she told us what a CHALUPA really is)
  • Headed over to James River Assembly and watched some kids get special treatment (ie donuts and orange juice)
  • Made silly name tags that made us feel 3 again
  • Went to Bible Quiz practice with my girls
  • Laughed at them during random verse drills
  • Went outside and began to dye eggs
  • Witnessed a car crash in the parking lot (no joke)
  • Finished dying eggs
  • Went to Wal-Mart and picked up some more clips and a planner
  • Came home and threw down a sandwich and potato salad
  • Changed into my Denver Broncos pjs (HOLLA!)
  • Plugged in my iPod
  • Busted out 12 feather hair clips while discussing random things with Becca over the phone
  • Inhaled a piece of mixed berry pie with vanilla icecream (although I really don't like icecream)
  • Snatched the data card, plugged it into my laptop, logged on Facebook, and began uploading pictures of our latest and greatest creations
  • Keep getting yelled at by my mom for being on the internet, and not doing the dishes
Whoo, big day. :)

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