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30-Day Blogging Challenge | Day Veintiocho
this year, in great detail.

Ooooohhh great...I really don't want to do this one. I'm not going to be detailed, because I'm pretty sure there's no way I can lay out every single day of this year for you. But, what I CAN do is tell you some stuff that has happened this past year. Got it? Good? Ok? Ok. (I will try my best to put these in order of when they happened, but my brain is not that good with organizing events.)

Went to First Night downtown Springfield with the family and Cristianne.
Went to Heroes Coffee with Tiffany and some family and watched Canto 17 play some stellar music.
Hung out with Chloe. We made snow angels and ate LIKE A BOSS.

Went to Spokane's Homecoming game to watch one of my besties, Kristen, beat it out for Queen. She didn't win, but she looked amazing.
Hung out with my wifey, Cristianne, for Valentine's Day weekend. We went bowling in our pajamas, and did Chinese Fire Drills at every stoplight in Springfield.
My birthday party! I had invited all of my closest friends to the mall, where I set them up on a scavenger hunt. Then we went to the Pasta House for dinner and some more fun games. Read more about that here.
Explored with Ashley. We went to the park and took pictures, ate at 3rd Street Pasta House, and had some fun adventures at Wal-Mart.

Found out I am accepted into College of the Ozarks.
Went to Silver Dollar City with my girl Kristen.
Hung out with my wifey, Cristianne.
9.12 Spring Retreat.
Dyed my hair.
Went to Los Portales with Becca.
Went to Los Portales with Becca.
Went to Los Portales with Becca.
Started Indie Conformity Creations.
Got my laptop. :)
Read more about this month here.

Went to Los Portales with Becca.
Style Swap with Becca.
Went to Los Portales with Becca.
Easter with the family.
Bible Quiz Districts at Evangel.
Found out some pretty exciting news.

Now, this doesn't seem like that much. But I swear to you, I've been SUPER busy this whole year. :)

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