hello wednesday.

If you're reading this, that means you read my blog! HEY! I am so thankful for my new followers. You are awesome. :) That also means that you find me interesting, which I hope is good...?

Well, today is Wednesday. Since I'm choosing to blog so so early in the morning, when I could be sleeping, I don't have much to say about today really...I will lay out my pre-thought day for you, though. Sound good?...Good!

Here are some things I'm planning (there's my key word) on doing today. (This is NOT a list, for it is NOT Monday...see what I'm referring to here.) Okay, you're probably saying "Koree! Just get to your point already!" and I shall reply to you with this...

  • Watch some episodes of The Office. I usually find starting this task very difficult. I have seasons 2-5 and I always have the hardest time picking out which episodes I want to watch. I have seen them all 3243 times. My point? I can NOT wait until Season 6 comes out on DVD.
  • Eat. I find this time to be my favorite part of my day, no matter what day it may be.
  • Be lazy by laying on the couch in a sleep-position, wearing pajamas, and covered with a fleece blanket. This is also one of my favorite parts of the day, although eating still holds first favorite.
  • Work childcare at church. Now, I don't mean "work" by actual labor, I really enjoy playing with babies and little toddlers. There is no sarcasm in that, so don't read into that more than you should.
So, while I was making that NON-LIST just now, I thought of some things I've recently done that I've failed to blog about. I'm not going to sit here and make you read a long NON-LIST again of stuff I've done, I'm just going to use short sentences. It's something that all of you ADD people will appreciate. Here we go...

Busiek State Forest adventures with my dad and brother. Watched my dog swim. GLEE. Planning an epic sleepover with Becca. Work caught on fire. Got off work early. Los Portales finally on Sunday. Preparing for BQ Regionals. Saving money. Realized how hard saving money is. Waiting for MGMT's new album to be on my download sites. Started eating right (ya, it's called TRYING). Indie music gallore. Craft date with Becca.

That's been pretty much it, that I can think of. It's too early to think, though. I did my best!! (Dane Cook plug)
Have a great Wednesday! Let me know how yours went/is going! :)


Ratz said...

Hi Koree,

I am glad that you liked my post and thanks for commenting. I just read you post and this is good. I would so love to be lazy and just eat all day.....


And how did you find my blog? It surprises me a lot when i get new visitors... Just love this blogging.

Gonna be your new follower...


Chloe said...

Hi Koree!!
Thanks for your comment! It made my day!!
I'm glad you found my blog!

I've just read your post... and I'm jealous!! haha, I want to be lazy and lay on the counch, wearing pajamas!!
I'm your new follower!!
See you soon!!