make a list monday.

Helllloooooo, there!
How's your Monday going? Good, I hope!
I'm starting a new series for Mondays, because I can't seem to think of cool things to blog about on Mondays.
So, here's my new series for Mondays...drum-roll please...

Make-A-List Monday
[It's Monday. I'm making a list.]

15 Things I Talk About Doing, But Never Get Around To Doing...

1. Buy a car
2. Finish my 30-Day Blogging Challenge
3. Finish reading Into The Wild
4. Clean/De-hoard my room
5. Stop eating so much/Start eating right
6. Blog more
7. Find out what's wrong with my video camera
8. Start saving my money
9. Finish my laundry
10. Read my Bible every day
11. Get an eyebrow wax (don't laugh, you know you need one too)
12. Install Pinnacle on my laptop
13. Take more pictures
14. Get more fabric
15. Listen to all the music on my ipod that I haven't listened to yet
16. Get my permit/license

What are some things that you are putting off? I would love to know that I'm not alone in my procrastination! :)
Have a great Monday!


becca. said...

I love making lists.


Yelena said...

i lovee lists.
i livee by lists.
i get things done only because of lists! haha :)
and a lot of the things on your list are on my to-do list! :)
yay us :)

Erika said...

Cool post, I nodded my head at TOO many of these...haha. I counted 11/16...lol!

Anyway, thanksss for stopping by & commenting :D

Stop by again! ♥

JMay said...

So awesome, I love lists too. I've used and made like 100 of them during my wedding planning process.

You are sooo not alone in procrastinating either ;-)

Ratz said...

So like i have my exams coming soon... and hmmm... I am putting of studying.... We are all with you in this procrastinating business....