tuneage: joe purdy, the avett brothers, azure ray

Today I’m going to go on and on and on about a few artists I’ve been recently listening to. Sounds good? Good. Hang with me, ok? You won’t want to miss this amazing post about some amazing tuneage. Let’s start off with one of my personal favorites…

Joe Purdy.
So, I’m listening to him at this moment. Oh my goodness. There’s something about his voice, his music, and his style that makes me melt like wax on a burning candle. Mmmmm…he is AMAZING. I only have three songs by him. I need to download some more. I literally have goose bumps. Whoa. Here are the three songs I have by him:

Just Another Old Love Song
California Girl
Why Do I

Seriously, you want to check him out. I know you do. You don’t even want to finish reading this post, do you? You’re already opening the iTunes store, or a free download site (if so, *high five*).

The Avett Brothers.
The voices mesh so well together. With a folk sound, they catch your ear with the first strum of their acoustic guitars. Their sound will take you in. Just like Joe Purdy, I only have a few of their songs. Ready for these bad boys?

I And Love And You
The Ballad of Love and Hate

Seriously, I’m not joking about this. You have to go listen to these songs. If you don’t, I will be very disappointed in you and myself for not doing a well enough job of persuading you to do so.

Azure Ray.
Well, we need some lovely ladies in this post, now don’t we?! This is some good sleep music. They are extremely addicting. Mmmm… :) Listen to them on a rainy day, if you’re going through a breakup, or if you’re just in a quiet or calm mood. Here are three delicious songs by them:

If You Fall

Seriously, you don't want to miss this band. They are amazing. Their voices are almost a whisper. It is so soothing. :)

I hope you discovered one or more of your new favorite artists by reading this post! Let me know if you checked any of them out (because you were supposed to…) and leave a comment telling me what you think of them! :) Or if you know of an artist that would go along with these three, let me know of them in a comment!

Have a GREAT Tuesday. :)


becca. said...

great picks, musical soulmate. and i do, only own those songs that you have listed. i think we swapped them with each other.

Mary said...

Fabulous. I love it when people post about their music discoveries, especially when they have good taste! I already have Azure Ray, and I had heard of Joe Purdy, but I now own The Avett Brothers. Thanks!

p.s. I'm now a follower too!