spokane graduation.

Yesterday was Kristen's graduation. Kristen is one of my best friends. I was really excited to go to her graduation because I got to see some old friends again.

I was homeschooled my junior year of high school. I was able to bust out two years in one, so I graduated a year early. If I wasn't homeschooled, I would've graduated yesterday with my friends from public school. It was weird to see my friends graduating, knowing that I would've been sitting with them if things didn't happen the way they did. I'm glad, though, that I was homeschooled.

Anyway...back to what I was saying...
It was great to see some of my old friends again. Like these people...

Me & Kristen
my goof-off-in-bio, locker-buddy, go-to-for-anything, best friend

Me & Dillon
my valentines dance date; first best guy friend; best dancer i know; homeroom buddy

Me & Kasha
my first best friend at spokane; talent show partner; "we go way back" friend; cheerleading buddy

Me & Kelsi
P.E. buddy; never-got-to-really-hang-out friend; tuesday night at walmart friend; musical soulmate

These people were my closest friends throughout junior high and high school. Dillon was really close with me through junior high and high school. Kelsi, Kristen, and Kasha were really close with me during high school. These people are amazing, and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to see them again yesterday. Kasha graduated Valedictorian! That was really exciting.

My Facebook news feed seems to be clogged with friends graduating! It's crazy!


Ratz said...

Amaaaaaazzing..... Loved the way you have described your friends.... have a great day

Yelena said...

congrats to all the graduates! :)
lovely photos :)
and i do adore your new blog layout! :) cute :)

Paige Baker said...

AMAZING! Love your blog:)