los portales + movies

Yesterday, Becca and I went to Los Portales for a sister dinner date. We always talk about the same stuff when we're together. It's funny. Haha. Becca and Caleb will be going back to Pittsburgh this weekend to visit with Becca's family, so she wanted to do a date with me before she leaves. I hadn't been to Los Portales for a few weeks, so it was good to be back home! HAHA. :)

On Sunday, my family and I rented four movies...

GLORY ROAD: I had seen this movie before. I love it! It's so inspiring. It's a great movie about how one team changes the game of basketball. I love how it's a true story. That fact just makes it ten times more amazing!
AVATAR: Wow. That's all I can say! Very interesting movie. I think I may watch it again today. I fell asleep for 40 minutes at the beginning, so I need to rewatch it again. I didn't think I would like it because it looks like a video game, but I really enjoyed it. I don't know yet if I love it; I'll have to watch it again. James Cameron did a BRILLIANT job with this movie. The special effects are off the chart.
LEAP YEAR: Cute movie! It was a really soft movie; good for young girls. It's not one of my favorites, but it was a good movie. I love Amy Adams, so it was great to see her play this roll.
WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE: I started this movie, and wasn't really excited about it. I stopped it about 40 minutes in, probably. It was really slow, and I was a little confused. I've heard great things about it, and no-so-great things. Either you love this movie, or you hate it. I wasn't into the movie, so I just turned it off. Maybe I will try to watch it again later.

Have you seen any of these movies?
Which ones did you not like or like?

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!
I hope it goes well!
You're halfway done with the week!!


Ratz said...

I havent watched any of them... i have heard about Glory Road though.. Avatar is world famous

Amy Renee Martin said...

I have seen Avatar. I really like it. It is a lot like Dances With Wolves.

Where the Wild Things Are... I think the big thing to take away from this movie is it isn't necessarily going to make sense. It is a boys escape into imagination. The book is really short. It's essentially about a boy who gets mad at his mom so he imagines a place where he is in charge and quickly realizes that being in charge isn't as great as it appears. It's primarily a fun escape into imagination. I have heard some people who hate it. I liked it. I thought it was fun and very artistic.

I will have to watch the other two sometime :)

Han said...

I wanted to see Leap Year but I missed it at the cinema :(

I also wanted to see Avatar but wasn't sure about the hype - I keep meaning to borrow it from a friend but keep forgetting lol.

I don't think I'd heard of Glory Road but I might have a look at it. Where The Wild Things Are looked good from the trailer - keep going with it in case it turns out better in the end :)

This weekend I watched Ice Age 1 with my Goddaughter (I think I was watching it more though lol). I watched The Ugly Truth yesterday.

Yelena said...

i've been wanting to see leap year! i didn't know it was out on dvd! i must go check it out. does redbox have it yet??

Miss Koree said...

I have no idea if it's out on redbox yet, but i'm sure you can find it at your local movie rental store!

Elena said...

Avatar I was actually a little dissapointed in. I just saw it the other day, and I was expeting this mindblowing amazing movie, and it was just a boring predictable story. The CGI was really good, I'll admit, but the story was so cliche.

I totally understand what you meant though about Where the wild things are. I think it was very sweet in the beginning, but then it just got extraordinarily BORING.

haven't seen the other movies yet, but I plan on seein some of em!