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Make-A-List Monday
[It's Monday. I'm making a list.]

10 Things I Can't Stand.

1. When people delete their comments on Facebook.
Your So-Called Friend commented on your wall post. *clicks photo, only to find there's no comment. disappointment.*
2. When people reply only with "lol" or "haha".
3. How slow my internet is at home.
No 3G where we live. Translation: No Hulu. It's an hour-long process to watch a five minute video on YouTube. No live streaming. Skype has an annoying delay.
3. The time it takes to harvest all my crops and animals on FarmVille.
Seriously. How hard is it to create a button that says "Harvest"?!
4. I have 349,023 colors of nail polish, but no nail polish remover.
5. How there's no Urban Outfitters in Springfield.
6. How I can't say NO if a friend I don't want to come over asks to come over.
"Hey. What's up?" - "Nothing. Just sitting on the couch watching TV. Pretty bored." - "Can I come over and chill?" - "Uhh..."
7. LOST.
8. How everytime I go shopping, I have to pee.
Most times, there's no bathroom around.
9. Shakira.
Her voice sucks. Is she seriously so popular only because she can shake her hips? Because she doesn't even do a good job at shaking them.
10. The thought of having to sit down for three hours, just so I can watch Avatar.

Aaaaaaand here's a few Postsecrets for all of you!
I hope you have a FABULOUS Monday!

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