thurs + fri + sat

This past weekend we had my two cousins, Abby and Jeremiah, over.
They came over on Thursday afternoon and stayed until Saturday morning.
They are a lot to handle.
Jeremiah is 5 years old and Abby is 8 years old.

Thursday we went to Busiek. We’ve been going to Busiek a lot lately because our dog, Bo, just learned how to swim! We took the kids and the dog to Busiek so that they could see him swim. :) They were having so much fun that they didn’t want to leave! They were literally crying as we forced them out of the creek. Then we came home and decided not to go inside since we were all still wet from the water. The kids got really dirty, so we gave them a “bath” using our water hose, a bar of soap, and some shampoo and conditioner. It was fun! After they got all dried off, they came back inside and we had spaghetti for dinner. Then we roasted some marshmellows out by our bonfire.

Friday was a bit hectic. We had some errands we had to run in the morning. Around noon we went to the park and played on the swings and monkey bars.
That night I went out with some friends. I joined Kristen, Taylor, and Rhen for dinner at TGI Fridays, bowling at Lighthouse Lanes, and ice-cream at Andy’s Frozen Custard (although I ordered a Raspberry Tea because I don’t like ice-cream). It was a fun night! We rode around town and listened to loud music. Then we came home and watched The Dark Knight with the kids. 

Saturday was pretty packed as well for our family. I went to the End of the Year Party for Bible Quiz. My friend’s family’s van caught on fire! It was crazy! It started smoking, then it turned into black smoke, and then it went up in flames! We called 911, and the fire department came and put out the fire.
It was sad to know that that was the last time I could be called my girls’ “coach”. Very, very sad. Then we headed over to Realife, where we helped with the check-in for Connect 6. Many 5th graders were transitioning into 6th grade, so my youth group put on an event for them.


I am off this whole week! I start work back up on Monday. So, there will be way more blog posts for all of you when I get back to work! :)
Hope you’ve had a great Monday!

Psst: I enjoyed reading all of your comments about my movie post I did a few posts back! I love reading your comments. :)

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Ratz said...

I loved the picture a lot Koree.... it is beautiful... sure that u guys must have had a great time together