cinco de mayo.

Yesterday was CINCO DE MAYO. Yes, I am aware I am not Mexican, but I celebrated anyway. Here's what my family and I did yesterday:

My day started out with a massage with my momma. We both recieved gift cards from my dad for Christmas, and finally got around to using them. Of course, knowing me, I had to have myself a blond moment. I thought the gift card was for a BACK massage. Turns out it was a FULL BODY massage. Now, you're probably thinking "What's so wrong with that?" The thing was, I hadn't shaved my legs for two days. Oh, come on, you know you don't shave every single day either! I figured since I wasn't planning on showing off my legs for a few days, why shave them? Luckily I personally knew the lady giving me the massage, so it wasn't as embarassing. We joked about it the whole time, so it wasn't as bad. :)

Then, in true Dickson family fashion, we headed over to Los Portales, where we met my dad for lunch. Dad had the #6 [don't ask me what it is], and Mom and I had the vegetarian fajitas. Mmmm...yummy. :)

After lunch, we drove to Springfield and shopped at a thrift store called THE PLAID DOOR. Mom found a nice shirt; I didn't find anything. Then we ran on over to PLATO'S CLOSET. I found me a cute pair of Dollhouse flats for only $3. :)

My dad's baccalaureate was last night at Evangel, so we closed the evening with that.

How was your Cinco de Mayo?


Cole said...

sounds like such a fun day. cute shoes!

megs_elyse said...

those are super cute shoes. What a great find. Jealous!

Alyssa said...

you are worried about not shaving your legs for 2 days? gosh i am embarrassed to admit how long i have left it. god bless tights!! hahaha

i really need to find out what this cinco de mayo is everyone is talking about. GOOGLE!

becca. said...

I know what #6 is! That's my favorite and what I always order. One enchilada, one taco, rice and beans. Except I hate beans so I get double rice and add cheese sauce over my enchilada. YES. Our family spends way too much time at Los Portales!

I love those shoes!

And I'm glad you and your mom had a fun vacation day. You are so deserving. Hahahahaha.