Ok, so as I promised, here is my CAMP post!

Camp was UH-MAZING. Words can't even begin to describe how incredible it was. I LOVED our team. They all got along so well. Here are some pictures of this past weekend's Summer Camp.

Veronica getting pumped up for one of the games!

(from top left) Rolan, Dionte, Veronica, Josh, Me, Caleb, Becca, Tyler, JR, and Austin at lunch.

the PURPLE team!

Ashley, Me, Nathan, and Brian!

Laura getting her game face on.

I had such a great time at camp! I can't believe all the incredible testimonies that came out of this past weekend. God did some incredible things in the lives of these students, and I'm excited to hear how their lives have been impacted because of it. This year was probably the best year of camp for me. :)

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Yelena said...

such fun photos! :)
and i do like your new layout and header! cute :) so you! :)