disney world.

side note | So, I seriously tried to blog yesterday, but Blogger was being VERY difficult, and not letting me post anything. With that said, here is today's post...


I've heard Disney World is the happiest place on Earth. Why wouldn't I want to go there then? I've been scrolling on my Facebook, and I've come to notice that a lot of my friends have been going to Disney World this summer. What?! Why wasn't I invited??

Here are some pictures of my friend Andrea at Disney World. Try and tell me this girl isn't happy...

Yeah, I'd say she was happy at Disney World.

Have YOU ever been to Disney World?
How was it?
Was it like all the problems of the world disappeared?


megs_elyse said...

I have only been to Disneyland, the real happiest place on earth and let me tell you it really is. I love it, even as an adult, it never gets old

ShEiLa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and also for leaving a message... I never know who stops by if they don't say something.

YOU look like you are a fun girl with an awesome personality. I hope I get to stop in often and get to know you better.

Sorry that bloggger was being obnoxious yesterday... I have had days like that.


sEy said...

I wish i could go there too.

I am your 38th follower. Visit mine when you get the chance

Taylor Yves said...

darling pictures!