farmer's market!

Becca and I sold our hair accessories at the Ozark Farmers Market last Thursday. It was so much fun. My dad really helped alot with setting up the tent, and making sure everything was going right.

The wind was acting a fool, though. Ha. We had to constantly be on watch with the clips and headbands. They kept trying to blow away everytime a rush of wind came along. Plus, we had to make sure our tent didn't blow over!

We set our headbands on one table, and our hair clips on the other table. We decorated the tables using shiny stones. This was a brilliant idea because most little girls were more interested in the stones than the actual hair accessories!

We had a great turnout! A lady we set up next to (who makes homemade laundry soap and household cleaner) told us that when there's produce, there will be a lot more people.

This Thursday we won't be selling our stuff at the Farmers Market, because we're going to

I'm excited.

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