fill in the blank friday | food #1

Hey, y'all! So I'm back with another Fill In The Blank Friday post! It feels like ages since I've done a Fill In The Blank Friday post! Fridays are just so hard for me, because I don't always have access to internet to blog. :/ Oh well!
I have internet tonight. :)

[[Before I get to my answers, I just want to share a little bit of my day with all of you. I haven't driven for a year, and let my permit expire last year because I was too afraid to drive. Well, today I broke that! My dad took me to go get my permit! Yes, yes, I know...I'm 18 years old. Permits are for 15 year olds who are desiring any freedom they can get. Well guess what? I'm one of those wimpy 18 year olds that are too scared to drive because he/she doesn't want to get hurt (or anyone else hurt, for that matter).
But...I did it!
Here is a picture to prove it...]]

Ok...now to my POST!

Join in with Lauren over at the little things we do.
Today's Fill In The Blank Friday is all about...

1. If I could choose my last meal it would be breakfast burritos from McDonald's. Hallelujah. I would be rejoicing my way into Heaven with a burrito in hand.
2. My favorite person to share a meal with is Cristianne because, for some reason, every time we eat together it's chaos. Whether we're messing with each other's food, or eating off each other's plate...it's always fun to eat with my best friend. :)
3. The best meal I've ever had was a pasta dish from the Cheesecake Factory. It was SO delicious. I don't remember what the name of the dish was, but it was some kind of Thai pasta dish. SO good!
4. The one food that makes me feel instantly better when I'm having a bad day is well...this is an odd question for me. Usually if I'm having a bad day, I just want to curl up on the couch and watch The Office episodes all day. But, if I am having a bad day, I usually snack a lot. So I guess my answer would be (after consulting my mom) chips & salsa, cashews, cheese sticks, and/or orange juice. Yes, I know I am very random.
5. My absolute specialty in the kitchen is cheesy scrambled eggs. Plus, I am known around my house for making Rachel Ray's dish called Chicken with Roasted Red Pepper, Chorizo and Sweet Pea Sauce over Rice. Oh, yeah. I own that dish.
6. The city that has the best food is Springfield, MO. Psssh, I don't know! I haven't traveled around enough, and visited enough restaurants to really know. All I know is that where I live has some awesome food! I love my area because it has everything you could want!
7. My favorite healthy snack is either celery & peanut butter or cashews. Yumm-O!
8. In my opinion the nationality which has the best food is Mexicano. Oh, man. GREAT food. (and I would like to add Asians have it made as well. Very yummy.)
9. If I could learn to cook anything in the world (and be really good at it!) I'd choose cookies. Yes, COOKIES. Everyone LOVES cookies. If you got the cookie down, what else do you really need? Isn't it like the obvious key to any man's heart??
10. The most outrageous dessert I've ever had was seconds. You're probably thinking "Koree needs to go to bed. She must be really tired." And you're wrong! I'm not a big dessert kind of girl. Yes, I like my cookies and pecan pie, but I'm not a big dessert eater. I would rather have seconds of my REAL FOOD than have a whole serving of something sweet that's just going to make my tummy hurt later, and me end up regretting all the sugar I ate. I'm sure if I had a pecan pie sitting right in front of me right now, though I'd think differently!

Now after talking about food, I'm hungry. I may pile through the refrigerator and look for something to eat before I go to bed. Hmm...


Yelena said...

congrats!! :)

Alyssa said...

congratuations driver!!