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Okkk...after looking at this photoshoot, I'm deciding to start a new series on my blog called

[you know how I am with series...]
Every once in a while I will [try my best to] showcase an amazing photographer. This week it's the "boom-tastic"...

Everytime I see his pictures, I think to myself Man, there's no way his pictures can get any better than this. And then guess what? They do. They usually blow my expectations out of the water.

His past few photoshoots have been extremely amazing. I will post a few pictures from some of my favorite photo sessions he has done. Click on the links to see the original post with all the photos from that session.

{story of a girl} part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

I hope you take time to look at HIS PAGE!
His pictures are Uh-MAZING.


Yelena said...

i'm going to check it out now! :) amazing photos! wow :) very talented!
PS: I do hope we run into each other at I love America! that would be so awesome..i'll be tied up with church till late afternoon so i'll probably show up around 5:00ish. :)

lavienouveau said...

those pictures really are compeltely amazing! I'm blown away!

Alyssa said...

the wedding venue the in the pic 6th down is amazing!

All the photos are just stunning. Going to check out his website now!

I like this series already :)