3 weeks off, 3 days of fun!

Today is my last day of work for three weeks! WHOO-HOO!
My summer has officially started! Haha.

I'm VERY excited for this weekend. I get to babysit (or as they say, "have a sleepover") with two girls: Jaden, age 8 and Ally, age 6. I will be "hanging" with them Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

I am so pumped!

I have planned out themes for each day, and games/activities to go along with each theme.

Thursday | Princess Day
Princess Bingo game, with candy as prizes.
We're going to watch either the Princess Bride or Ella Enchanted.
Cinderella coloring pages and some fun fairy tale word searches.
Princess crowns and tiaras, for them to color and wear. :)
Princess ribbon wands.
Origami of a frog.
Then, to end the day, we're going to bake some sugar cookies, and decorate with pink, strawberry icing.

Friday | Beach Party Day
A Summer Fun Matching Game, with candy as prizes. (of course)
I bought them each a grass skirt to wear over their swimsuits (which I am requiring them to wear all day!)
Sidewalk chalk.
Origami of a fish and a sea turtle.
A variety of beach-y word games and puzzles.
Silly straws. :)
Afternoon activity? Swimming!

Saturday | Carnival Day
Lion and elephant masks, for them to color and wear.
Fun carnival word searches and mazes.
Carnival Bingo, with candy as prizes.
Sidewalk chalk.

I think I'm more excited than they are!!

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Han said...

That is soooo organised! lol. I am never that organised when I babysit/childmind. We had two of the boys from church round for tea yesterday and my OH got them to make a bonfire and then they all had toasted marshmallows and sausages and burgers cooked over the fire for dinner. It was so much fun!