ding ding.

One of my favorite things about living in the city is
the ice-cream truck.
Since I live out in the country, I don't get the ice-cream truck anymore (and no pizza delivery).
I haven't heard that "ding ding" since I was a little girl, that is...until this past weekend!

I went into town to visit with my grandma for a little bit. While we were in a deep conversation about movies, I heard that lovely music coming from outside. I immediately stopped talking, and asked "What is that?" Grandma responds, "That's the ice-cream truck!" I jumped to my feet, and ran out the front door before she even finished her sentence. I waved to him like a crazy woman, and he came pulling up.

I bought a chocolate crunch bar. Mmmmm... :)

What is your favorite thing to order from the ice-cream truck?

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grandma said...

And You're lookin' pretty cute today your self!

I loved how excited you were to hear that ice cream truck. I hope he comes back the next time you're here. Email me one of the pictures. Love your blog!