girl crush | m. rodriquez

such a bad girl, with such a beautiful side.

michelle rodriquez.

A girl who is able to still uphold her bad-girl image, while still being so elegant and beautiful, is worthy of a
girl crush.


Yelena said...

i've only seen her in the fast and furious movie, but you got some awesome shots in this post - defintely worthy of a girl crush post feature! :)

Gracie said...

Those are really lovely images of her. It's nice to see her more elegant side.

I hope you get different journals and are able to sort out your thoughts. I just find it easier that way.

Ratz said...

OMG.... count me in.. count me in.... i loved her role in Resident Evil

Christine said...

wow definitely worthy of a girl crush ;)
I loved her act in Resident evil =]

Lucia ♥ said...

I agree :) She is amazing <3

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting :) Glad my entry made you smile cause that was it's purpose ;)