make-a-list monday

So, today is Monday. Oh, yes it is. And since I have not updated in a while, I thought I would do a fitting list for today...

Make-A-List Monday
[It's Monday. I'm making a list.]

5[ish] Things That Have Happened Lately, But Haven't Blogged About Because I Was Busy/Sick.

1. Sick
Ok...let's talk a little about this one. Yes, I was sick last week. I was throwing up and my mouth broke out with nasty blisters. Bleh. :/ My dad and I went to visit my Grandma (who lives 2 1/2 hours away) and went to the fair while we were there. Keep in mind that I was throwing up. Yeah, fair + sick does not equal a good time. Just saying...
2. Ozark Fair
So, they told us Ozark Farmers Market vendors that we could set up at the fair last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It turns out that we could only set up on Saturday morning from 8-10am. And guess what? It wasn't even inside the actual fair grounds. Who comes to the fair grounds on a Saturday morning when the fair isn't even going on until that night? Psshh. FYI: Total profit: $0.
3. Indie Conformity Creations
Shimmy on over to this right here to check out our new Summer Series accessories! There's a bunch of new, fresh hair clips and headbands. :) And guess what?! They're all half price! YESSSSSSSSSSSS. [oh, and if you don't follow the blog, you totally should.]
4. TV
We finally got a new one! WHOO HOO! Thank you dad for investing in my future!
5. Movie Gallery
In relation to the TV...Movie Gallery is going out of business! Sad for them and all the workers, but good for all of us movie-watchers! My dad and I picked up some good movies from there these past few weeks...

ohh...and how could I forget this one...

Tom is my favorite. :)

So that's pretty much been my past few weeks! OH! And So You Think You Can Dance has been pretty AMAZING so far! WHOO! Although, I'm wondering when the judges are going to let America take over the elimations...it is America's Favorite Dancer...hmm...

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Amyschmamey said...

Yeah, it really stinks about the Movie Gallery's... I am one of the few who has not converted to the Red Box or Netflix... from now on we will have to rent movies off of our xbox or digital cable. booooo.