bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles

Saturday night Caleb and Becca came over to our house to have dinner and a movie. My mom made enchiladas, rice, salads, and a fruit mix. Yummy. :) After we had dinner we decided to go outside and blow bubbles. You see, my dog Bo LOVES to play with bubbles. He likes to pop them while they're in the air. Then he freaks out when they disappear on him. It's a real treat to watch.
So, Caleb and Becca brought over a bubble kit to play with. Here are some pictures of me, Caleb, and Becca.

Becca blows bubbles like no other.

Bo likes to go for a jog with Caleb.

Yeah, that's right. I'm awesome.

Bo not only likes the bubbles, but also the wands!

It took a lot of tries to get a shot with bubbles actually in it!

She just stood there and looked pretty.

Caleb is a good bubble-blower.

It was a lot of fun. :) Can't wait to have them over again!

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