funny kids & the bachelorette

This past weekend was so much fun! If you don't know what I did, read about it here.
Or you can just continue to read this, and I'll sum it up for you.

sidewalk chalk. hot/corn dogs. a cinderella story. cookies. princess bingo. fried zucchini. coloring. origami. candy. nap time. swimming at night. dairy queen. hula skirts. princess wands. flank steak. freaky friday. colorful outfits. icarly. rachel ray recipes. princess crowns. word searches. mad libs. flavored tootsie rolls. silly straws.

So, that pretty much sums it up. Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Ally on Princess Day

Princess cookies

Ally drinking some milk with her cookies

Jaden doesn't like her picture taken

Ally on Beach Party Day

I was able to get a picture with Jaden. Kind of...

It was a fun weekend! And I get to watch them tomorrow night, too. :)

Tonight is the finale of the Bachelorette! AHHH! Yes, I know...I am SUCH a girl. I've been watching every episode of this season (which is really not like me) and I've been LOVING it! Ali is such a fun, beautiful girl. Roberto and Chris are two fun, handsome guys. What's not to love?
My predictions? Roberto gets Ali.
But, we'll see. You know how these past few seasons have gone...twists at the end...You never know!
Hopefully my wifey, Cristianne, will get to come over tonight and watch it with me. :)
We have tons of fun when we're together...

I'm SO excited! :)

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Kaleena J. said...

ooo! I'll take one of those princess cookies. :)