little kids.

Last night I worked childcare at my church. I love watching kids. I really like watching kindergarten age kids. They're so cute, and they actually respond to what you're saying. I worked with my friend Michael. He is really funny. Our room was designated the "Snack Room". Every 45 minutes we would rotate, and get a new group of kids. We decided to tell some jokes to the kids while they were eating their snacks. Since they're at that age where they will laugh at anything, it was a great booster for my personality. Haha. Here are some jokes that we told the kids:

Why did the coach go to the bank?
To get his quarter back!

What kind of music do bunnies listen to?
Hip hop!

What's a playground's favorite music?
Swing music!

Why do gorillas have big nostrils?
Because they have big fingers!

What do you call four bull fighters in quicksand?
Quatro cinco!
(They didn't get that one...which made it even funnier.)

It was a fun night. I love working with little kids. Especially ones who will put on the costumes that we have in the classrooms. This one little boy (who we nicknamed Damien Walters because he was fearless) put on a bunny costume. It was sooo cute. Too bad we couldn't get a picture of him!

Before I go, I'll leave you with something Michael said. This man was working childcare, and before we started we were all sitting down and chatting. We were talking about movies, and someone mentioned Bernie Mac. The man said "I miss Bernie Mac." Michael replied, "I'm sure Bernie Mac misses you."
Hahaha. It made me crack up.

How was your Tuesday night?
Was it as fun as mine?


Ratz said...

Hahaha... the jokes are too funny....

amylou said...

Ok so that gorilla one would totally make me laugh! And I love the quatro cinco one too. I bet they were so cute. I love to hear the little ones laugh! :)

Han said...

My Tuesday was awesome :) I've been helping at a holiday club at church this week so had fun with that and so don't want to go back to work next week lol.

(i don't get the bull joke btw lol)