my 30 days | day eight

GOAL ONE: Order a new power cord/battery charger for my video camera.
This is long overdue. I haven't made a new video since December. I really need to get at this.
GOAL TWO: Save money.
I spend too much, and I need $2600 for my room & board for this next semester.
GOAL THREE: Clean my room.
I really need to start a habit of keeping it clean.
GOAL FOUR: The Office season 6.
It comes out on September 7. YUSSS. I will be watching it all day that day, so don't expect any blogging from me!

Any short term goals for you?


Han said...

hehe so you're going to save money but you also want to get Season 6 of the Office - that sounds like me - I need to save for this but I want to buy this.

I need to order a new lens cap for my camera but keep forgetting lol. Not a good start! My Four goals are on my blog :D

amylou said...

such good goals. Especially the money thing...yeah i need to do that more too. Good luck!
Stop by and see my answers if you like. :)

Christy said...

Yes--I have a few books I want to read before I start my next class. AND I want to take my daughter out for a mommy-daughter date. Any ideas?