my 30 days | day five

It's Day 5 of My 30 Days!

My favorite superhero would have to be
I love all the crazy, cooky characters he comes across. I also love Batman because he's the most believable out of all the superheros. He wasn't bit by some radioactive spider, nor can he fly. He is just a regular man with awesome fighting skills.

The Dark Knight really showcases Batman, although I loved the Joker better in that movie than Batman himself. I think most people did. My two favorite scenes are the opening scene, where they rob the bank and the scene where Batman and the Joker are in the interrogating room. I also love how throughout the whole movie they play a high-pitched sound when the Joker is about to appear. It's just an awesome movie all around!

Who is your favorite superhero?


Han said...

I couldn't decide lol. (If you read my post I talk about all the shows I used to watch but I can't decide)

amylou said...

I like this!
I did this post too.
Check out my blog if you like.
Happy Friday!

carlotta said...

I loved reading the old Superman and Batman comics from the 40s and 50s when I was younger...so I'm going to have to go with one of those for my favorite superhero ;)