my 30 days | day four

Well, since I'm a rebel I am going to give you TWO pictures from my childhood today. Yeah, that's right. I'm breaking the rules.

Riding my pink bike.

Caleb rocks out, while I fall down.

I love both of these pictures, so I put them both up!

7 facts about my childhood:
UNO: I loved watching Barney. It was my favorite show.
DOS: I finally learned how to ride my bike at the age of 7. I loved to ride my bike around the neighborhood, and pretend I was a bus driver picking up students.
TRES: I had a Hanson poster on my wall.
CUATRO: I loved to make up dances to Britney Spears songs. Everytime I hear her song Sometimes, it brings back so many memories.
CINCO: My favorite book was the Giving Tree.
SEIS: I followed my brother around every where he went.
SIETE: I lied about having asthma so that I could get out of my PE class.

What are some fun facts about your childhood?


Han said...

I had a Hanson CD! I actually have some Hanson songs still on my iPod they are happy cheesy pop and I can't help it lol.

hehe I didn't lie about being ill but I always tried to get my flute lesson during outdoor PE because I hated it so much - I loved dance, gym and trampolining but outdoor PE was not my thing I put up with Rugby when I got to upper school mainly because it was an excuse to get muddy and not care lol.

Christy said...

I used to like to pretend I was a superhero. I played outside by myself a lot, so I was forced to use my imagination. Wonder Woman was my favorite, most likely an influence from my little brother, who was--and still is--a HUGE fan of DC Comics.