my 30 days | day nine

Well, folks, today's post will probably be one of my favorites in this series of My 30 Days. I LOVE MUSIC. It's a nice thing to wake up and fall asleep to.

Since I wasn't given any specific moods for this, I just made up some. I may not have covered all the moods and emotions that are out there, but I made a few up!
So, be HAPPY!

These are just suggestions. I can think of multiple songs for each mood.
I would really like to know what songs you would choose for these moods.
What would YOU listen to if you were in a BREAKIN' DOWN mood?
In a state of HEARTBREAK?
What about a RAH RAH AH mood?
(I think there's only one song for that mood...)

I would LOVE to know!


Han said...

Becky Higg - she is awesome! She is good for any mood lol. Your Sofa and Safe House are good if you are happy or if you are sad, Your Sofa is like a thank you letter to one of her friends who helped her out when she was having a rough time. Always makes me feel blessed to have such fab friends. (www.beckyhigg.co.uk - her first album Room to Move is on iTunes)

If I'm in a bad mood I like Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance.

megs_elyse said...

I had totally forgot about "Almost Lover" - I listened to that song so many times when my heart got broken. I swore it was written just for me.

John said...

A rah rah ah mood, would you happen to be talking about lady gaga, because thats what comes to my mind

Christy said...

I love the way you displayed your songs and the moods they evoke. Very creative!

Elena said...

For a heartbreak song I always turn to Misguided Ghosts by Paramore, or Out of the Depths by Sovereign Grace Music :)

becca. said...

What the heck is a RAH RAH AH mood?!?!? I almost posted a song by lady gaga in my list, but i couldn't stray from the alternative genre i had going.

Koree said...

becca, a RAH RAH AH mood is if you're in a mood to listen to lady gaga. She gets her own category. You should know this. Haha. And yes, i noticed your alternative & indie genre. I thought that was an awesome idea.