my 30 days | day one

Hello there! So it's day one of My 30 Days.
Just so you know, I will still be doing my regular posts in between this blogging challenge. Don't worry, I will be clogging your dashboard with more than just scheduled posts.


Not too long ago I wrote a poem for my blog. I wrote it to explain why I named my blog UNVEILED. I named it that because I wanted to use this blog to actually start being real with myself. If you track back to my oldest posts, you will see that I was still doing a lot of searching of who I was. As I began to grow up (I'm still in that process), I started using this blog to allow myself to be happy. I started growing, and unveiling the layers and realized some things about myself.
To make it easy on you, I'll give you the poem here. On any other day, you can click the tab "why unveiled?" to read this poem.

What if we all wore lights around our souls?
In that instant of pure, dark seclusion
We wouldn’t sense fear piercing our eyes
Like the showering of ice water slicing into a
Fresh summer burn,
But rather feel an unwavering hope.

A hope that allows us to take a small, secure
Step into that darkness, knowing that the
Night will soon be exposed to its morning.
Or possibly a hope that will permit us to dance in the
Radiance we have crafted around our youthful core,
And to sway with the tempo of our breaths.

May the light bring us to a place where we feel
The need to abandon the heavy layers
We have coated on over the path of the
Haunting shadows, and to birth a fresh,
Pure piece of ourselves that can only be
Uncovered once we’ve unveiled it.


amylou said...

I love that picture. so so cute!
what a sweet story behind your blog name.

MahinaMK said...

That's a nice poem!

Funny pic too. :D

Christy said...

YOu are so talented...