my 30 days | day two

Well, considering the fact that I have already written this post once, and Blogger decided to randomly delete it, I'm not really in the mood to do this again! But, also considering the fact that I will have to write this post sometime today, I guess I'll just do it now...

So, after reading Becca's post on her favorite season, it made me want to change mine to FALL! Luckily I'm not persuaded easily...or am I?

...by far my favorite season.

warm nights in shorts and a sweatshirt. walking around barefoot. creating tan lines. sleeping in on weekdays. ordering from the ice cream truck. BBQs. road trips. the county fair. wearing sunglasses that are bigger than your face. sunscreen. sunburns. watermelon. america's got talent. smoothies. wearing flip flops with every outfit. swimsuits.

cliff diving. picking wildflowers. water balloon fights. bonfires. so you think you can dance. catching fireflies. popsicles. picnics. clear skies. fireworks in july. root beer floats. mornings at the lake. freshly mowed lawns. department store sales. eating outside. naps in the hammock. summer dresses. the bachelor/bachelorette. lemonade stands. hot weather. water parks. reruns. camp. running through sprinklers.
Too bad it's almost over. :(

WHOO! Now that was a little difficult remembering all of that!
That was easier than I thought it would be!


Christy said...

Hmmm...you have a point about summer. However, you can do almost all of those things in Fall or Spring, so I am still sticking with those two as my favorite seasons. Summer is just too hot around here. Maybe if we lived a little further north, it wouldn't be so miserable.

Han said...

Mine is spring or autumn :) I wrote my post at around 1230am and scheduled it to post at lunchtime lol - so it is today really!

I do love the summer too - when the sun is shining but there is a bit of a breeze to take the edge of the heat - we had a gorgeous sunny day on Sunday but I was so shattered and busy that I didn't really get to experience it :(