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Jeremy Cowart

I follow Jeremy on Facebook. His work amazes me. Once I saw his Voices of Haiti pictures, I fell in love. I will share a few with you, with captions he has written for each one.

"You learn how to walk by falling."
When we arrived at the tent city in Ste Therese Parc, Bruno, 28, father of two, was put in charge of his part of the camp. He was the first one to greet us and instantly wanted to participate. I love his message. It’s the perfect example of the strength and resiliance of the Haitian people.

"Love conquers all."
We heard that evening that there was a wedding taking place. Immediately we started driving around in the general area where the wedding was and we finally found it. The bride and groom were walking out the door as we pulled up. We explained the concept and they agreed right away. As soon as we asked them if they knew what they had to say, they wrote down “Love Conquers All.” It was a stunning statement for such a devastating time of need. After the photo was taken, we drove them to their “honeymoon” in a tent city.

"We're afraid of the rain."
When you combine a couple hundred thousand people living under sheets and sticks on hills made of dirt, you can imagine why they’re afraid of the rain.

These are just a few of his Voices of Haiti collection. Go check his photos out right now! (I find his Facebook page to be the most interesting!)

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