day 18/30 + foto frenzy challenge

then        now

then: curly, messy
now: straight/curly, tamed
then: no idea where I was going, hoping for CofO
now: headed to CofO in January
then: four bears (Pappa Bear, Momma Bear, Bubby Bear, and Baby Bear)
now: five, almost six bears (Pappa Bear, Momma Bear, Bubby Bear, Baby Bear, Little Bear, and Cub)

  This weeks challenge is brought to you by Becca at Life In Technicolor.


Remember, you have to be in the picture!
I want to see all of your pretty faces!!

must be in the picture
picture must be sent in by tuesday at noon
send to: koreeunveiled (at) yahoo (dot) com


amylou said...

Aww...you are so pretty!

lydia. said...

you have such a cute little blog!
i like. :)


Han said...

Okay might have to bribe housemate or Chris to take the picture for me lol. I just tried to take some with PhotoBooth and it's too dark or I don't stand still long enough to get my face and my feet in the picture at the same time lol. I am determined to get more than my finger in the picture this time lol.

miss indie said...

hello! you have the cutest blog. <3
XO. mandy

pea.ess. love your hair!

Abbi said...

Love your blog! :)

(And I've had my eye on the chandelier in your banner forEVER!)