foto frenzy part one | clocks.

Last week I gave all of you a challenge to send me a picture of you with a unique clock.
I had three people participate.
Come on, people!
I thought you were more fun than that!
(and I can't believe you two didn't even participate...you know who you are...)

This is Jeremy with his clock. It's smaller than his face. I guess that's why he finds it unique.

This is Han's clock. She must be really camera shy. You can visit her blog here.

This is Christy's clock. As you can see, it's on a skillet. Great for hanging in a kitchen!

Well, that was a very sad first run of Foto Frenzy. I hope to get more participants next time. It's always fun to see unique items from people's houses!

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Han said...

Getting me and the camera in the same picture was a bit of a challenge and it was like 10:30pm Monday night (my time) so I was still trying to join in - I'll try and get my face into the next challenge picture :)