foto frenzy part two | rainboots.

This week's Foto Frenzy has been really relevant. It's been raining on and off around here. It's crazy. I love it, though (as long as I'm inside). Here are the photos. I love seeing all the cute rainboots!!

isn't that an awesome name?! i looooooove this pattern! she also has an adorable blog. check it out here.

i'm loving the pink and brown! check out her blog here.

well, these look like a combination of cowboy boots and rainboots! interesting! check out her blog here.

this chick is awesome. not only does she have super cute rainboots, but she also does photography. check out her more personal blog here and her photography site here.

those are some manly rainboots!

i only have one word...hotttttttttttie!

Thank you to all who participated! If you have an idea for any future weeks of Foto Frenzy, send it my way! :)


Han said...

I love how some people have professional looking pictures and mine were taken with my hubbie's iphone at like 10:30 Saturday night lol. (or was it Sunday night?!?)

Jeremy said...

Did I win?

Alyssa said...

ah everyone has SUCH cute boots!!!